Watched the Hairy Bikers make this on TV .. It looked amazing so it is a ‘MUST TRY’


  1. Bananas chopped into 1 inch pieces – enough to cover base of tart
  2. Caster Sugar – 1 cup full
  3. Butter – large piece – 1/8 – 1/4 packet (more research required for exact amount of butter!) 😉
  4. Orange Zest of one orange
  5. ready made PUFF PASTRY straight out the fridge
  6. brandy for serving
  • Heat sugar in a frying pan without stirring until golden 
  • Add a huge knob of butter and stir gently until melted
  • Roll out the pastry and cut a round circle slightly smaller than the tart dish
  • Pour caramel into dish
  • Place bananas upwards into caramel (flat edges down)
  • grate orange zest on top of bananas
  • gently place pastry over bananas and turn down the edges to the base
  • tuck in pastry ever so slightly
  • prick pastry a few times with a fork
  • bake in pre-heated oven @180C or 160C-fan oven, for 40-45 mins
  • turn out onto dish to cool


serve with brandy poured on top and lit. !




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