In the US the cuts of beef have different names, so this is mainly a note to me, to remember which cuts are best for different methods of cooking.

I buy the steak in Costco, and the quality is fabulous.

Fillet Steaks – BBQ with Lindas Fillet steak Rub

New York Strip steak also great for  BBQ’ing  – tasty and tender

Flank Steak – Marinate overnight, cut into strips and cook fast, serve with mash and sauted onions

Tri Tip : great of casseroles


Add a little cornfour to the mixture if it looks like it may curdle

Cornfour stabilises eggs and will whip any mixture back to an amazing smoothness


Easy squeeze Lemons

If Lemons or Limes are a little too firm to  squeeze easily I have TWO Great tips

  1. cut BOTH ends off , cut down the middle and then squeeze
  2. OR microwave lemons unti slightly warmed, to soften the skin and make squeezing EASY

Avoid Browning Butter

HEAT Butter with a little Olive oil to stop butter browning too quickly